circular knives sharpening machine

Product data:

grinding diameter:  350mm

Longitudinal travel of the work table:  160mm

grinding head motor power: 380v. 50Hz. 1.5kw

grinding head rotating speed: 3000rpm

Head frame spindle cone hole: 莫氏 4#

The spindle speed of the cutter head:  69rpm

Cutting-speed motor power:  380V. 50Hz. 0.12kw

Power of spindle reducer motor: 380V. 50Hz. 0.2kw

sand wheel size:  200*20*32

machine weight:  445kg

machine size:  1150*1000*1300

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Automatic round knife grinding machine PLC system automatically control the grinding process, can frequency adjust the knife speed, the equipment body and parts by made by iron casting , transmission parts using the high precision linear rail and ball rod stability, ensure the machine tool grinding precision, blade spindle with high precision spindle and Japanese NSK bearings, shaft and mandrel clamp with precision about 0.01mm, the machine can be on knife, knife, knife, split knife, knife, flat knife and other round blade blade, suitable for paper making, printing, textile, fiber and other industries. ruito metal offer you best quality grinding machine

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