straight knives grinding machine

grinding max length: 1600mm   grinding head max speed:6000rpm

grinding head motor power:380V 50HZ 2.2KW

weight:650KG       size: 1450*930*1800

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Structure featureHigh precision grinding, advanced practical serrated knife grinder, widely used in serrated blade series;suitable for printing, packaging, paper, plastic, leather, cutter machinery and other industries serrated knife, can be used for grinding and cutting;   x, y, z three coordinate CNC system; feed knife using high precision ball wire rod, linear guide rail, by driving the grinding wheel to achieve the effect of knife grinding;   special grinding head motor with high strength, sufficient power, spindle, motor through frequency conversion can change the spindle rotation speed, improve the sharpness and roughness of the knife. electromagnet table have a angle adjustable device(0-90°),easy to operate, can grinding various knife.   Teeth space can be set in the program as demand; according the sand wheel thickness, teeth space setting 0.5-25mm.   Knife process length 600mm;( we can make larger machine,the max length can be 3000mm).


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