M2 circular saw blade

thickness: 0.6-5mm  diameter: 80-500mm


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hss circular saw blades are made of the following materials:

hss-dmo5/M2 (din 1.3343) – super high speed steel with high content of tungsten and molybdenum.

hss-co5/M35 (din 1.3243) – super high speed steel containing 5% of cobalt in addition to the high content of tungsten and molybdenum which is recommended in applications with high operating temperatures.

we can help you choose the most appropriate blade design, tooth geometry and coating for your

particular sawing requirements.

HSS circular saw blades are primarily designed for cutting pipes,sections, solid ferrous materials and also to a less significant extent non-ferrous materials. WE can supply HSS saw blades as bright-finished (with no surface treatment) or as steam-treated (VAPO) 、TIN coating 、TIALN coating 、TICN coating 、coated saw blade has a ferric oxide surface coating for a longer blade life than the bright saw blade. it is mainly used for cutting steel on manual and semi-automatic sawing machines.

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