planetary reducer gear

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planetary gear is our advantage products.
Main process: turning, hobbing, shaving, carburization heating, shot blasting and grinding
Turning:  using Mazark CNC turning machine, get a specific dimension and fine surface.
Gear hobbing:  is a gear manufacturing method to cut teeth into the blank with a hob, all of our hobbing and shaving are automatic, make sure high accuracy of teeth profile and lead.
Gear shaving: removes small amounts of metal from the working surfaces of  gear teeth. correct errors in index, helical angle, tooth profile. teeth shaving process can also improve tooth surface finish. Shaving provides for form modifications that reduce gear noise. These modifications can also increase the gear’s safety and life.
Gear heating: our Ipsen furnace through carburizing to get high wear-resistance and hardness, keep the gear have more stable fine metal structure.
Gear grindingthe process of finish grinding gear teeth, and is a critical step when manufacturing high precision gear.
Material: 20CrMnTi, 20CrNiMo(AISI 8620) or other alloy steel
Module0.8-8 mm   Hardness58-62HRC    Case depth: 0.8-1.2 mm

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